Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Step by step building guide

Attach the front and rear arms to the bottom plate.
you will need 4 x M3 x 30mm screws.

Mount the nylon spacers on the frame. The front spacers are 40mm long and mounted on the M3 screws from step 1. The center spacers are also 40mm long and attached to the bottom plate with M3 x 6 mm screws. The rear spacers are 20mm long.

Because I could not find 40mm nylon spacers I used 2 x 20mm.

Mount your motors and esc to the frame. Connect all power cables and fix them to the bottom plate. Make sure they come out at the rear part of the quad between the rear nylon spacers. This version does have a powerdistribution board (PDB), but that is planned in the next version of this frame.

Mount your FPV camera, flight controller and rc reciever on the clean section board. To mount the flight controller I used 6mm nylon spacers. The RC receiver is fixed with tape. I use is a board cam that I mounted on to the board with a 3dprinted part. This can be attached to the clean section board with two 6mm M3 screws (drill extra holes in clean section plate) or just glue it to the clean section board with some epoxy.
Then mount the clean section plate on to the frame with 6 anti vibrating rubbers.

Mount the top battery plate on to the frame. Use four 6mm M3 screws and add two 20mm nylon spacers. Make sure when mounting the battery top plate that the cables connected to the flight controller on the clean section do not touch the top battery plate. Else the antivibration effect will be lost.

Last step is the top vtx plate. Before mounting the plate to the frame first attach your video transmitter, on screen display module, and vtx antenna to this plate.

On my multirotor I used an Immersion 5.8ghz 25mw video transmitter in combination with a Immersion spironet antenna. And an HK E-OSD module. I just used some tape to attache everything to the plate. I also isolated the open copper parts from the vtx antenna.

Then mount the top vtx plate to the frame with four 6mm M3 screws. The vtx power cable comes out at the back and can be connected to the battery. The video cable goes down and can be connected to the camera.

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