Sunday, November 29, 2015

Downsize the Dozer

I would like to downsize the Dozer 260 (class 250) to a Dozer 210/200 (class 200). These class 200 multirotors are mostly equipped with 4 inch props and AUW < 400 grams. To achieve this I need to build a smaller frame and reduce the weight on all parts (electronics, battery, motors, esc). To find the best drive (motor/prop) combination I'll build a fully automated and computer-controlled motor test bench. This should allow me to measure thrust/efficiency for a lot of motor and prop combinations fast and accurate.

I'll use an arduino board to control the ESC and to read all sensor values. The arduino will then send all data to the PC via a usb or bleutooth connection.

I used a Hobbyking thrust stand and disasembled the sensor/lcd section. Then I connected the weight sensor of this thrust stand to an ADC (analog to digital converter HX711) and that ADC is connected to the arduino which reads the value.

The weight sensor measures the thrust generated by the motor and prop. I'll also hook up a RPM meter based on an IR emitting and IR receiving LED. This will provide the rotation speed of the motor/prop. And last I'll also add a current sensor to measure the motor/prop power consumption. All this data will be read by the arduino board and send to my PC.

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