Wednesday, December 23, 2015

RC Brushless motor test bench

RC brushless motor test bench
My RC brushless motor test bench project is almost finished. I hooked up an ACS 712 30 ampere current sensor. This sensor will read out the current consumption of the motor and send it to the arduino board. I also made a basic voltage divider in order to read out the battery voltage with the arduino board.

I currently have programmed the arduino board to read voltage, RC brushless motor test benchcurrent and thrust. With a very basic command set and human readable output it is possible to control the arduino (test bench) completely by hand with arduino IDE serial monitor feature.

But I also created a small PC application that makes it easier to control to board and run a pre programmed benchmark sequence. With this small program it is possible to save or copy the incoming data. This application is created with the processing IDE and is java based. So it should run on every java compatible platform (operating system)

The ACS 712 sensor is a cheap one from ebay. In order to get it to
work well you should add a capacitor on the ACS 712 FILTER pin. To achieve this you will need some soldering skills. Without the capacitor this sensor is useless in this application. I used a 10nf cap.

acs 712 current sensor filter capacitor
Next step is to integrate a RPM counter.

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