Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Dozer 160 ready

 I redesigned the dozer 190 to a smaller dozer 160. This 160 class multirotor can only be equiped with 3 inch props and is compatible with 1306 and 1104 motors. It is not exactly the same quad as the dozer 230 or 190. This time the frame is has a real X shape. It also has the clean and dirty sections, but it made from vibration absorption soft silicone
 Currently this build is equiped with gemfan 3030 props. They are easy to find, cheap and deliver the beste performance/efficiency in combination with my roboterking 1306-4200kv motors and a 3cell lipo. These 1306-4200kv are really hard to find. Most 1306 motors are 3100kv. 4000kv become more and more available. But these 4200kv are really hard to find.
some specs:
 - size 160 class
 - AUW 330 grams
- motors Roboterking brushless 1306 4200kv
- prop gemfan 3030 
- esc DYS XM20A 
- battery Turnigy A-SPEC 3 Cell 850mAh 45c
- 700 TVL fpv cam wide angle lens
- FT951 25mw VTX
- Orange RX 6ch receiver
- Illuminati32 flight controller (cleanflight)

All dxf design files (frame) can be found here
Flight time for tis fpv race quad is limited to 3min. The goal was to keep the AUW less then 300 grams. But with my current 700tvl board cam this is almost impossible. Performance is good. I still got a 3on1 thrust to weight ratio.

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