Sunday, May 15, 2016

Dozer 190 ready

I redesigned the dozer 230 to a smaller dozer 190. This sub 200 class multirotor can only be equiped with 4 inch props, but is compatible with 1806 motors. It is exactly the same quad as the dozer 230. It has the clean and dirty sections.

Currently this build is equiped with these 4045 bullnose props. They are very strong and cheap. Best fit to maximize performance are HQprop 4040 tri blade props. But these props are expensive and break much easier on impact (crash).

some specs:
 - size 190 class
 - AUW 430 grams
- motors DYS brushless 1806 2300kv
- prop gemfan 4045 bullnose or 4040 tri blade
- esc HK blueseries 12A
- battery Turnigy Nano-Tech 3 Cell 1000mAh 45c
- 700 TVL fpv cam wide angle lens
- FT951 25mw VTX
- Orange RX 6ch receiver
- Naze32 flight controller
All dxf design files (frame) can be found here

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