Friday, March 25, 2016

Multistar V-Spec 1808 2400kv thrust test

Multistar V-Spec 1808-2400kv

3 cell lipo  (12,6v)

HQprop 5040 Tri blade ABS/GR
HQprop 5045 Bullnose
HQprop 5040 ABS/CR
HQprop 4040 Quad-blade ABS
HQprop 4045 Bullnose Tri-blade ABS
HQprop 4040 Tri-blade ABS
HQprop 4040 Bullnose ABS
Hobbyking 5045 Tri-blade
Gemfan 5040 ABS
Gemfan 5030 ABS
Gemfan 4045 ABS
Gemfan 3545 ABS
Dalprop 3045 Tri-blade
Diatone 4045 Bullnose ABS
Lumenier 4040 Quad-blade ABS

*updated 29/6/16: added hq40404/GF3545/DP30453
*updated 02/7/16: added luminier 4x4x4


  1. Hi..just wondering what motor temperatures are you getting for the 4045 and 5045 props? Mine was too hot to touch and I'm not sure if it's supposed to be that way. Ecalc says motor limit is 90w and will be overheating if running with 5inch props but HK says it's rated at 175w...what are your thoughts?

  2. ecalc is wrong. 175watt as specified by HK is no problem for this motor.

    1. you're right, maidened yeseterday with this motor and 5050 props, motor temperature was less than 60 degs. Your post was really helpful, thanks mate!

  3. Which esc did you use for your benchmark?
    I think i burned my V-Spec using 5040 triblade with a 18A (30A max) ZTW mini esc. (3s 2200mAh 35C)

  4. I used a multistar 20A esc with BLHELI firmware