Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Dozer 230 finalizing

The dozer 230 is ready. Compared to my dozer 260 (see blog below) this frame is much lighter. Total AUW for the dozer 230 with a 3 cell 1000mah is 450. That is 150 less then the dozer 260 and I still have the same flight time. Equiped with the gemfan 5030 props this build has a 3,2 on 1 thrust to weight ratio. I future I'll 5040 tri blade props. This will provide me a 4 on 1 thrust to weight ratio.
 The dozer 230 is build the same way as  the dozer 260. (see blog below) Difference is size and the bottomplate is complete carbon or glassfiber. This means that this frame also has a clean and dirty setcion. The center plate (clean section) is isolated from the rest of the frame by rubbers. This centerplate holds the flightcontroller, fpv cam and RC receiver.

some specs:
 - size 230 class
 - AUW 450 grams
- motors DYS brushless 1806 2300kv
- prop gemfan 5030
- esc HK blueseries 12A
- battery Turnigy Nano-Tech 3 Cell 1000mAh 45c
- 700 TVL fpv cam 150° wide angle lens
- ImmersionRC 25mw VTX
- Orange RX 6ch receiver
- HK NanoWii flight controller

All dxf design files (frame) can be found here


  1. Its grade man!
    I think i have to build one ;-)
    Perhaps i will shrink it down to 180 or 210...

    Cheers Chris

  2. I'm currently shrinking it to 190 :)
    the 190 will be max 4 inch props.